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Transfer Music & Videos To Your iPhone Without iTunes [Giveaway]

For as long as I’ve loved the iPhone, I’ve hated iTunes with a vengeance. I’ve searched for a lot of solutions, any way to circumvent iTunes and painlessly transfer music from my PC to my iPhone but most solutions I’ve encountered were so complicated it was better to stick to iTunes. Meet WALTR; an app for both Windows and Mac that lets you send music and video files to your iPhone (or iPad) without needing iTunes and without having to jailbreak your iPhone. The files go to the native music and video apps on your device and play normally as if you had sent them using iTunes. What’s more is you don’t have to worry about the file format because WALTR supports a lot of them and takes care of any conversion that may be needed. You need only connect your device to your system with the charging cable, drag & drop the files, and in a matter of seconds they will be sent to your device. WALTR is a $30 app with a fourteen day trial and the developers have generously shared 3 licenses to give away to our readers.

Update: The giveaway is now closed. Winners will be announced shortly.

Install WALTR and launch the app. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the charging cable.


iTunes will predictably pop open when you do this and WALTR warns you to close it or proceed at your own risk. I chose to close it. Drag & drop the file(s) you want to transfer to your iPhone. The first time you do it, WALTR will ask you to register your trail period. This involves providing your email address and then entering the activation code sent to you. The activation code arrives within a minute. To enter the code, click the hamburger icon at the top left of WALTR and select ‘Register’. Once you’re done, drag & drop your file again.

WALTR_drop files

Your file will be sent within seconds (though transfer time may be longer depending on the number and size of files) and WALTR will let you know when transfer is complete. You can tweet your accomplishment or send more files.

WALTR_file sent

Now that we’ve established just how perfectly WALTR works, let’s look at the pros and cons of the app. The one major difference is that WALTR has a price tag while iTunes is free. WALTR is amazingly fast; it doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of time to start up, it doesn’t take forever to start the syncing process, and it doesn’t take forever to sync your music to your device. Also, every time you need to transfer music to your iPhone, you can use the app to transfer the new tracks only instead of doing a fresh sync. Last but not least, you can  transfer just about any music format that you have without having to worry about playback because WALTR takes care of it.

Download WALTR

The Giveaway:

  • We have three licenses to giveaway to our users (Mac and Windows). The giveaway is open as of the publishing of this post and will remain open until Monday 7:00PM GMT
  • To participate, leave us a comment below and tell us why you want to use WALTR or what you dislike about iTunes and do let us know if you want a license for a Mac or a PC
  • Winners will be announced within 24 hours and notified on this very page (we’ll reply to your comment and ask you to get in touch with us). Winners will be chosen at random.
  • You will have three days to claim your license. If you fail to do so, we will pick a new winner

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  • Tipu

    I have tried wondershare in the past. looks easier then that.

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    • Kovalsky

      Yeees, it definitely is
      Easy and quick

    • HandsUp

      Most third-party software on desktop require that you install iTunes in your computer. To totally get rid of iTunes, you may try AirMore. It is a free web-based mobile app. It saves me much trouble.

  • epsiblivion

    Wouldn’t mind pc or Mac version. Itunes doesn’t player well after a device reset

  • Salman

    itunes is too complicated and life needs to be simple

  • ObAYE Cash Lcmg

    As a recording artist, this would very very helpful. iTunes is so frustrating and almost always takes to much time!

    • You’ve won a license to WALTR! Please get in touch with at fatima@addictivetips.com and let us know if you would like a Mac or Windows license. Congrats 🙂

      • Kovalsky

        I want a license too!!This app must be really awesome;(

  • wswalex

    Itunes is just pain in the behind, putting media in the itunes is my main dislike, loading itunes is second. windows

  • Sereby

    A Windows version would be great! iTunes is quite possibly the worst piece of software I’ve ever used. The UI has some merits, but when it comes to ease of use or responsiveness, it fails completely, in my opinion. I’m currently using CopyTrans; it does a slightly better job at transferring media to my iPhone and my daughters’ iPods, but its performance (success of transfers) is unpredictable. I would love to WALTR a try!

  • ha14

    I tried some applications recently to bypass itunes , but they all needed some itunes drivers or itunes itself, apparently latest itunes do not permit the write function if we use different applications because the mobile is recognized as read only, so had little trouble to do what I want, I hope WALTR will serve better. Thanks for the contest

  • Sveta Kindinova

    I have not seen a single program that works worse than iTunes on Windows. Long run and horrific hang do that to abandon it once and for all. Just towards what?

    Until recently, the only alternative was a jailbreak. Now everything has changed, and came on the scene Waltr – almost magical utility that allows you to forget about iTunes, as a nightmare.

    Waltr iTunes lets forget about forever.

  • lindseydoe82


  • johan

    First of all thanks addictivetips for giving away a beautiful itunes alternative Waltr.

    1. It is not heavy GUI like itunes, very simple and eye catching interface

    2. Its speed definitely beats itunes

    3. Very user friendly. Novice user can handle this very easily.

    4. Definitely A real killer to iTunes.

    I would prefer windows version.

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  • wswalex

    only one free licence?

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  • nikynik

    Mac version for me Thanks. I wont liberty to organize for my devices with semplicity.

  • PaulFSpencer

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  • Rita Sun

    It is very useful, thank you!