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Translate IM Chat Conversation To Your Local Language With MeGlobe Translator

Sometimes we need a translator who can help translate a chat conversation with a foreigner to your local language. If you have some friends who live outside your country in your Instant Messenger contact list, then you must know how hard it is to talk with someone who doesn’t speak your language.

MeGlobe is a free service that lets you chat with anyone around the world. It can translate up to 15 languages to your local language. Suppose you want to chat with someone who speaks French, if this person writes a message to you, it will automatically get translated to English or whatever your local language is. In this way you can understand what he/she is saying and reply in your own local language, for the person with whom you are chatting, he/she will receive the message in French.

Registration is required but is free and does not require email verification. Just sign-up and then login with those details and start using the service right away. You can also add your Yahoo, AIM, and Windows Live(Hotmail) contacts to the list, apart from other MeGlobe contacts.

meglobe online service screenshot

It has both web and desktop client. Which means you can also use this service while on the go. The desktop client is build on Above AIR platform.

meglobe messenger

If your local language is different, you can always change it by clicking the Language drop-down button and then select the appropriate language. Note that when you change the language all new conversations that take place will be translated, the older conversations that took place before changing the language won’t get translated.

changing translation language

It translated most sentences accurately, but there were a few that it failed to translate. Overall, it is quite an impressive service that still needs some more work. If you have some foreign friends, now you can add them without getting shy. Enjoy!

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  1. Love learning languages ​​around the world and be my friends as well and also hope to go to where my friends

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