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Tribler BitTorrent Client Brings Decentralized P2P Content Sharing

At times it happens that while downloading torrent using BitTorrent client, the main servers suddenly stop responding causing user to wait until the servers get back online. Since downloading of torrents are taking place through centralized servers, it is always on the cards that servers hiccups would move the torrent data you’re sharing with other. To address this, Tribler has been created, pledging that users will enjoy true P2P data sharing in its social community. Being a BitTorrent client, Tribler lets you share, search and download content including videos, images, audio, files, and so on from online peers without depending on any centralized system. It also comes with anti-spam channels along with native feature to overall protect users from spam content.

Once Tribler is launched, it will automatically start finding people on Tribler in order to let you download/share content. As of now, torrents are not available in great number yet it can search from plentiful of famous torrents websites to provide you with content you’re looking for. One novel facet is its ability to let community share content, being a cohesive social component, you can show everyone the content you like/dislike in it.

You are provided with different categories in order to find the required content easily, it also ranks the most popular content among users. A media player is also integrated to instantly play any audio/video file while downloading.

tribler 1

The channels are shown in multiple categories, with all categories listed at the left side, such as, Popular, New, Updated, and so on.


Instant search feature (supporting family filters) helps you in finding out the content easily. Apart from the general search which is offered under Home screen, you can also search for specific content in the channels archive.

search 1

Downloading & uploading bandwidth can be set from application settings, here you can also switch between using either pop-up or integrated player for playing video and audio files.

downloading bandwidth1

All in all, Tribler’s vision of capitalizing on only P2P sharing is great. It needs quite some time to add more users (which means more sharable torrents), till then many users will be largely dependent on widely used BitTorrent clients. Testing was done Windows 7 x64 system, full-featured version is only available for Windows platform, the version for Mac and Linux is stripped-down version.

Download Tribler

[via Lifehacker and Torrentfreak]


  1. I’ve never gotten it to work. I suppose I need to forward the port on my router.

    Also, I keep getting disconnected every so often with this installed.

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