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How To Prevent CPU & GPU Temperature From Hindering System Performance

Have you ever felt the heat emitted from your PC when subjected to high-end games that demand high system resources? Now, you can easily manage both your CPU and GPU temperature levels and set rules of action for situations where a violation occurs. By viewing the CPU and GPU performance from various aspects with emphasis on core-by-core or overall temperature readings, you can become fully aware of the heat building up inside your computer. With TThrottle, an application for Windows, you can easily define, monitor and react to temperature changes in the processor and GPU in multiple modes, which enable performance throttling for the greater good. In addition, programs running in Virtualization software like VMware or VirtualBox are also monitored for an effective operation optimization experience.

TThrottle operates in two modes: Temperature regulation mode and Throttle only mode. In normal situations, programs can be throttled according to a ‘set temperature’ in the temperature regulation mode. The throttle only mode, on the other hand, utilizes the ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ fields to ensure percentage usage occupied by programs instead of temperature thresholds. A value of 70 specified in the ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ field means that all listed programs will run 70% of the time.

TThrottle  starting

The program starts with a first time processor check whereby it defines the number of cores and other variables required for monitoring. By clicking List programs at the top right corner of the Programs tab, the entire list of active programs with the number of threads in each entry is displayed coupled with Temperature and Run percentage values specified at the bottom.

TThrottle startup screen

The set values are defined by the user, while the Core and GPU temperatures depict the current state of the machine. Checking the Auto active option enables the throttle feature, updating the measurement variables of the running programs every minute. Remember to understand the real meaning behind the color scheme in this application. For example, the ‘Throttle mode’ is illustrated using red color.

Program Manager_temp with float

The exact temperature values corresponding to each processor core can be accessed either through the Temperature tab or the green floating window showing both GPU and CPU temperature level readings. This floating window can be dragged to any place on your screen for better visualization, although we felt a minor glitch in the movement across the screen.

TThrottle Graph

The Graphic tab illustrates the overlay of temperature values with time for multiple cores as well as an overall CPU/GPU performance assessment option. Moreover, you can escape the observer mode by defining rules through this program that enables automatic actions when specific thresholds are surpassed.

TThrottle  rule specification

Another powerful feature is the ability to accurately monitor and export log file data via email, enabling you to debug and trace back activity whenever needed.

TThrottle log

All in all, TThrottle is a unique tweaking utility, empowering users to control and enhance the CPU/GPU performance for better resource management. We tested this application on Windows 7 64-bit edition.  It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download TThrottle


  1. Very nice application. I always use to do this from the power management, choosing the max and min values for CPU. Never needed anything for ati 5770 as it runs at optimal temp.

  2. I would really like to take control over my qosmio G40 fans and set them to max speed whenever I play a game, so I wouldn’t suffer from massive lag attacks from thortling when I’m about to stab that danm snipa…

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