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TurboSR Is A Text Search & Replace Tool With Extensive Format Support

Replacing text in a single file is easy; you just open a file, find the text, and replace it with the required text. This works fine when you have just one or a few files to replace text in, but what if you have to do it in a whole bunch of files? Consider there are 500 files that need to be edited; opening each one of them one after the other, replacing text wherever required, and saving them one by one would be a huge waste of time and a major annoyance due to the monotony involved. Fortunately, you can simply use a software that allows you to find certain text in multiple files and replace it with text of your choice in one go. We have covered several find & replace utilities including a plugin for Notepad++. TurboSR Search and Replace is a portable utility that performs the same job but in addition to TXT files, it supports a wide variety of formats, including HTML, LOG, JS, PAS, CPP, XML, XSL and many more.

The application’s interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Al of the tool’s options are accessible from the main window. You can specify the file formats to search, allowing you to narrow down the task much efficiently if the folder you’re searching in contains several types of files and you only want to replace text in certain file types. Next, select your Starting folder to search in, and enter the ‘Search for’ and ‘Replace with’ text strings. The Options in the lower-left side let you choose if you want to match the case in your search query, and whether to also search in subfolders or not.

TurboSR  Search & Replace

The ‘Files to search’ drop down list provides you with a lot of formats to choose from, such as TXT. TEXT, HTM, HTML LOG, JS, XML, XSL etc.

TurboSR  Search & Replace_2013-02-19_15-10-07

Once everything is set according to your requirements, click the big Go button to begin the search and replace process. When the application comes across a text string matching your query, it will display a dialog box asking you to confirm the replacement. The window will display the name of the file containing the text, the text to be replaced, and buttons to Skip, Replace, Replace All or Cancel the operation. If you don’t want to see the dialog box for each occurrence in this operation, just hit the ‘Replace All’ button. Though use it with caution, as it will silently replace all occurrences of the text in the background.

Match found - Confirm replace

TurboSR Search & Replace is a portable application and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download TubroSR Search & Replace

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