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Turn Off Audio Alerts For A Group Conversation In Skype

Skype is by far one of the most popular apps used for remote meetings, interviews, and talking to family that lives far far away. Although Skype has mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platform, it’s not used the same way as apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are used. Skype users use it more from their desktops and far less on their mobile phones. Skype not only lets you have one-on-one conversations but also lets you create groups so you can have virtual meetings. That said, if you find you’re part of a Skype group conversation that isn’t relevant for you, but leaving isn’t an option, you can try muting it so that the constant new message alerts don’t bother you. Here’s how.

Disabling alerts for a group conversation will mute the audio alerts you get for a new message received in the group. You will continue to see the number of new messages as a badge on the conversation and on Skype’s taskbar icon.

To mute conversations for a group, go to the group’s settings and uncheck ‘Notify me when something new happens’.


There is of course a much quicker way to do it on the fly. To turn alerts off for a conversation, simply type the following in the chat window and hit enter. Your recipients will not see it on their side.


To turn them back on, type;


and hit Enter.


These commands are the equivalent of checking and unchecking the ‘Notify me when something new happens’ option in a group’s settings but they are a quicker way of toggling it On/Off.

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