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Turn Photos Into Realistic Paintings With Lazy Paint For Windows 8

Previously, we covered a stunning oil painting app for Windows 8 called Fresh Paint – a Modern UI app from Microsoft with incredibly realistic oil paint effects. Fresh Paint is awesome, but not all of us have got what it takes to be a great painter. If you have been looking for something beginner-friendly, try your hand at Lazy Paint. Although it’s not like you’ll be creating another Mona Lisa any time soon, it may give you a head start. And did I mention it’s quite fun to use? Lazy Paint lets you brush over your regular photos to turn them into realistic paintings. The app takes full advantage of Windows RT tablets, meaning, you can employ multi-touch gestures to boost your productivity.

The whole procedure of turning the image into a painting is fairly simple. You select a photo, the app processes the image, and then presents a schematic print of the image with major lines highlighted. You can then freely paint over it to reveal parts of the original image as if they had been painted. The app offers a versatile collection of brushes, which do a pretty good job emulating the real thing.

Downloading the app requires you to head over to Windows Store and manually search for it via the Search Charm (though a direct link is provided at the end of the post). After entering it’s in-store page, click Install to begin the download.

Lazy Paint_Windows Store

After launching the app, right-click anywhere on the screen (or swipe up / swipe down from the bottom or top edge of your RT tablet) to reveal the app bar. The options in the bar let you either capture a photo using your webcam (or front facing camera) or select an existing image. In addition, you can click Example to let the app open a random sample image, as well as get you acquainted with basic controls.

Lazy Paint

After you’re done capturing or importing an image, you’re taken to the editing screen with three sliders at the bottom labeled Size, Opacity and Background. Size represents the brush size and Opacity lets you adjust the transparency of the stroke. For some brushes, the latter is replaced by a Precision slider.

The Background slider on the right lets you set the visibility of the original photo and the trace/reference lines. The slider is divided into three ranges, where the one in the middle shows both the photo and its trace lines.

Lazy Paint_Image Selected

Click the brush button to the bottom left to choose between different drawing patterns (like Splat, Spray Can, Scribble, Flowers, Lines etc.). Once selected, click and drag (or swipe) over the image to start painting.

Lazy Paint_Effects

For reverting changes, you have the option to use either an Eraser tool or an Undo option. In addition to that, you may click Clear to reset the whole thing. The application lets you save the final image as a PNG file.

Lazy Paint_In Process

Quite an impressive Windows Store app, to say the least. The user-friendly interface and great results make it worth a try. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, x64.

Download Lazy Paint

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