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Tweak And Customize Internet Explorer 9 With Tweak IE9

TweakIE9 is a newly released application that can customize Internet Explorer 9 User Interface, Startup Behavior, Downloads, and Security Settings. The developer has released it today (March 14th) because the final version of IE9 is slated to be released to the public today at SXSW too. This makes TweakIE9 the first complete tweak app for Internet Explorer 9.

When it comes to tweaking the user interface of IE9, you can enable Menubar on Top, make sure Menubar is always visible, enable Links band, show small icons on toolbar, enable 3D-border, show Statusbar, use ClearType, enable CommandBar, and select maximum number of rows to show in new tab (default is set to 2).

Tweak And Customize IE9

For startup, you can select to start IE9 in Fullscreen and choose a custom homepage. For Downloads, you can select to perform a check on exe file signature, get notifications when a download is complete, select download directory, and choose the maximum number of downloads. Finally there is one security option to start IE9 in InPrivate Browsing Mode.

Did we mention that there is a bonus Tool to make Special Internet Explorer 9 Shortcuts?

Special Internet Explorer 9 Shortcuts

Once all tweaks have been made, click Tweak IE9 Now button to apply changes. All applied customization can be reverted back easily. It works on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit systems, supporting both versions of Internet Explorer 9.

Download TweakIE9


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