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Tweak Windows 7 Administration, Performance, And Security Settings

Sunrise Seven is a Windows 7 tweaker that allows you to customize a plentiful of  Windows native functions and tools. Compared with previously covered TweakNow Powerpack, it has almost all the advanced options to optimize system performance and change default Windows OS administration and management related settings. It provides options for tweaking with UAC (User Account Control) settings, system performance and security functions, Windows Explorer, and Start menu. For instance, you can make Start menu item look like a Dell Alienware icon, disable folder options, add new items to desktop right-click context menu and so on. Sunrise Tweak has options for both advanced and basic users. One does not have to be an expert to alter Windows 7 features.

The available options are quite easy to understand and deploy. Simply select a desired Windows function and click Apply button to enforce it. In the Quick adjustments menu, users can configure Start menu and Shell options, Adjust object context menu, Turn off hibernation, disable auto-play and low disk space notifications, etc.

Quick Adjustments

The UAC section allows managing user account control settings, such as, making all administrators run in admin approval mode, virtualizing file and register write failures to per user locations, disallowing executable with unsigned drivers to run and more.


Similarly, there are options to tweak performance, start menu and security settings. For instance, you can change the Windows 7 Orb icon with a set of available buttons.

Explorer And Start Menu

Sunrise Seven works only on Windows 7. Both x64 and x86 bit systems are supported.

Download Sunrise Tweak

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  • Alex Chiu

    mmm… on their website it looks like there is also a Vista x86/x64 version also.

  • chrelad

    Thanks for posting this; I’m definitely going to look at this.

  • William Middlemas

    The Download for Tweak 7 by Sunrise Software is in Polish. How do I access the English version ?

    • If you use Chrome, you will get an automatic page translation option. Alternatively, you can simply click on the hyperlink next to the Sunrise Tweak image. This will start the downloading process.

    • thor

      You can get it at softpedia.com

  • thor
  • Rick

    It’s a rip-off of thewindowsclub Win7Tweaker.

  • Philippe

    It is not stable. I fucked up my registry with this apps, use with care.