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TweakNow PerfectFrame: Windows Collage Creator With 100 Layout Options

Of all the genres of apps we’ve covered so far, photo collage creators are among those that we’ve reviewed most, because there really isn’t any shortage of good ones. When it comes to photo collage creator apps for Windows, we have great options like the powerful CollageIt, or the Instagram-focused InsaPic for quickly building photo collage out of your Instagram photos. Though if you want to painlessly create photo collage using the most basic set of options, give TweakNow PerfectFrame a shot. While it’s not the most feature-rich app of its kind, it does come with a user-friendly design that takes the hassle completely out of the process, while giving you enough control over how the final result looks. PerfectFrame lets you combine up to 10 images using 100 different collage layouts.

TweakNow PerfectFrame’s interface looks simple and straightforward, and not intrusive at all. The application window carries two main tabs on the left named General and Layout. On the right is the main layout area where you can adjust the size of each image in your collage, as well as preview the final result. The collage canvas can be zoomed in and out on the fly.

When it comes to the number of layouts at your disposal, there are loads of them. You can choose the quantity of pictures in a collage from the dropdown menu located under the Layout tab. Having done that, the application lets you select the layout pattern by clicking its thumbnail. The next step is to add images into the empty slots of the layout, which can be done via double-clicking a slot.

TweakNow PerfectFrame

For each photo that you import into your selected layout, you can adjust its size and rotation from the right-click context menu. Images can be rotated both left or right, while zoom can also be manually controlled via the two small handles that appear when you click Zoom.

TweakNow PerfectFrame_Image Add

The next step is to specify the surface size of the photo from under the General tab. The application comes with several size presets out of the box such as 1280 x 800, 1920 x 1080 and 2880 x 1800, though you can also specify a custom resolution as you see fit. Also within General tab is the option to specify the background of the canvas, allowing you to choose among solid colors, patterns or custom images from your computer.

TweakNow PerfectFrame_Resolution

What’s more, you can adjust the spacing and margin between the thumbnails, choose background color, as well as toggle shadow effect. And if you want to add a custom caption to the image, you can do that too via the Description section under the same tab.

TweakNow PerfectFrame_General

TweakNow PerfectFrame lets you save the final outcome into several popular formats including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

TweakNow PerfectFrame_Save

All in all, it’s a great photo collage creator targeted at casual users looking for a way to create collages without any hassle. It works on all versions of Windows.

Download TweakNow PerfectFrame

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