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TwittaMatic: Schedule Your Tweets For Any Future Date & Time

Ever wanted to schedule your tweets while you’re away from your computer or internet? Well, TwittaMatic is the way to go. It is a desktop application that lets you add time schedules to your tweets, so they are automatically posted to your Twitter page when the target time is triggered. Simple isn’t it? This is a very useful app if you have a habit of forgetting things and you might want to share something with your followers at some future date. You can schedule as many tweets as you want, as there is no limitation on total number, but you can only send one tweet per hour. Read on for the usage details.

TwittaMatic has very simple and minimalistic interface design. After launching the application, it will ask you log in to your Twitter account before you can use it. You will find a File and Help button on the menu bar, and a Log In button on the upper left corner. Click the Log in button and it will ask you for your Twitter account’s permission pin. Input the permission pin (you’ll get that from the web interface) and click Submit Pin to get started.


After successfully logging in to your account, you will be introduced to the application’s main interface. Here, you will see your login name, number of friends and followers, etc. You can add as many tweets as you like for scheduling. To post a tweet onto your Twitter page, just write it on the message input space (140 characters allowed at most – no brainer) and click Add Tweet to Schedule. Each tweet can be set to any different Time & Date that can be configured under Tweet Details text, available under your Twitter display picture. All your scheduled tweets are shown in the Upcoming Tweets. Any tweet you may have written earlier, can be edited or deleted at any time. As the tweet’s scheduled time approaches, it automatically gets posted to your Twitter timeline, and disappears from TwittaMatic. There is a Refresh button on the lower left of the screen to update previews of your tweets database.


TwittaMatic can save you the day from missing important tweets for your followers. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit OS versions. It may be noted that we were unable to find the official product page for this tool, so you can use the mirror below to grab it.

Download TwittaMatic (Mirror)

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