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Two Enhanced Security Features In Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is getting quite some coverage because of its cool user interface and enhanced features. If you can spare some time to play around with it, you will definitely feel the difference as compared to older versions of MS Office. Today, lets review two important enhanced security features in Office 2010.

Protected Mode:

Every time you will download some document , Microsoft Office 2010 will open it in Protected Mode. It will not allow you to edit the documents unless document editing is enabled. Click¬† “Enable Editing” option to enabled document editing as shown in the followings screenshot.


Restrict Editing:

Office 2010 offers yet another enhanced feature called Restrict Editing. You can launch this option from Review menu.


In Restrict Editing, you can limit formatting to a selection of styles, allow only particular type of editing,  limit users to some specific part of the document etc. Once you have made changes, you can click Start Enforcement Protection button to apply them. You can also disable them later if needed. Following screenshot shows all available options under Restricted Mode.


With these security features, Office 2010 aims to provide security to both publishers and readers. Enjoy!

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