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Typefacer Provides An Easier Way To Browse & Preview Installed Fonts

There’s been a lot of debate regarding how typefaces really changed the way we interact with our computers. And by computers, I’m not just referring to the PC sitting on your desktop, but the smartphones, tablets, and all media devices in general. Whether you’re developing an app, a new webpage for your company, or you’re preparing an important presentation for the next executives meeting, choosing the right font type has a lot of significance. However, even if you have a sharp aesthetic sense, you will still have trouble  browsing through all the fonts installed on your PC to identify the few that you intend to use for your next project, especially if you’ve been collecting and installing huge font packs for while. In such a situation, you might have to turn to Typerfacer, a simple and easy-to-use utility that automatically scans all the installed font types on your machine, letting you browse through them in a relatively easier manner, preview them and test how each would look with a certain block of text.

The app doesn’t have any complicated settings. It’s plain simple, from installation to usage. The interface displays all the installed fonts to the left. Unfortunately, the app does not come with a search bar or the option to sort the list according to your preferences, so you might still have a bit of trouble finding your font. Thsi shouldn’t bother you if you don’t remember the font you’re looking for by name anyway. Also, it’ll still be easier than looking through a preview-less list of fonts from within, say, a word processor.

When you click a typeface, the tool lets you preview how the font will look under varying scenarios. That is, when the letters are Uppercased and Lowercased, Numbers and Symbols. In addition, you may also enter custom text to see how it will look using the selected font.

You can also change the Font Size between 2 to 72 using the slider to the bottom-left. The developer has also thrown in an integrated Character Map, so that you can instantly copy and paste special characters, and see which are supported by each font without having to navigate away from the app to Windows’ native Character Map utility. Simply double-click a character to add it to the Character Map text field above. You may then copy and paste it to the main text field to see how it looks with your custom text.


Note that when you copy custom text from Typefacer to a text editor, the font style will be preserved, so you can also use it as an alternative font browser for word processors that do not show font previews.

Typefacer is free and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Typerfacer

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