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UltraSearch Is A Portable Utility Offers Real-Time Searching

UltraSearch is a portable searching utility which is designed to show search results in real-time instantly. Being a portable application it doesn’t require any indexing or any sort of folder/file list saving. The mechanism it uses is MFT (Master File Table for NTFS ) which is quite remarkable in terms of providing instant search results without any supportive threads being run in the background. As filtering files/folders is necessary while searching through enormous sized data, it offers traditional search filters to quickly show all the relevant results.

As aforementioned, it shows results as you type a keyword, from the main interface, you would require to specify the drive to be searched in and from upper part of the window, enter the search keywords.


As a simple and fast search application, it doesn’t include any unwanted features and options. You can quickly print the results and apply filters with an ease. For applying filters, you can follow some examples below;

  • Searching all files with specific extension: *.exe
  • Searching for all the files starting with specified text: of*. <<extension>>
  • Search in specific folder/location: D:/App/*.cab

It also allows user to save the search result in CSV, TXT, XLS/XLSX format. Click Save List to specify the location. You also have an option to quickly copy the search results to clipboard and can paste it anywhere.

Even though search utilities are in numbers and uses multiple mechanisms to provide instant search results. This application is light on system resources and offers mobility. Importantly the performance it showed while testing was quite satisfactory.

It runs on Windows based OS, we tested it out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download UltraSearch

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