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UltraSlideshow Lite: Easily Create Stylish Flash Slideshows In SWF, HTML Or XML

In such a fast-paced world, you would surely yearn for a quick and attractive way of viewing slideshows of your memories while having the flexibility to share them with others. UltraSlideshow Lite is a free application that allows you to create flash slideshows with frames and templates to organize your photo memories with a relevant background music. You can easily upload your photos and the soundtrack to this utility, and everything else is done automatically. With the ability to export in HTML, XML and SWF formats, you can easily embed and share your slideshows both offline and online. Moreover, it allows you to make unique flash presentations through video editing-like tools such as titles, frames, transitions, etc.

UltraSlideshow Lite is a free application meant to simplify creation and embedding of flash slideshows for your website and social media sharing. After installation completes, the software loads instantly and welcomes you with a dashboard, containing 3 steps indicated at the top of the window. You can create full-fledge slideshows in Flash by importing your data, organizing and publishing it.

UltraSlideShow Lite 1

It should be noted that this free version has limited functionality; it supports only JPEG file format for photos and WAV format for audio. Therefore, you must ensure the compatibility of your data with this application. The imported photos are displayed as thumbnails at the left column while the audio track on the right. You can either modify settings or delete any of these files by either utilizing the small buttons at the bottom of the window or by double clicking the object of interest.

UltraSlideShow Lite 1 settings

Here, you can add titles and URL descriptions as well as transition specifications for a customized slideshow. Click Save to apply these settings to the selected object and remember, these specifications will get visible in the final presentation.

UltraSlideShow Lite 2 slideshow

UltraSlideshow intelligently shows a random slideshow preview based on the color composition and size of your photos, which can be modified as per requirement. You can fit this slideshow on an extensive template library displayed on the left as thumbnails. Advanced settings can be applied to this preview by clicking the settings button at the bottom of this window.

UltraSlideShow Lite 2

Following this step, you are now in a position to publish the output. Just specify a destination path and click Publish to save the slideshow in HTML/SWF format. Now, you can easily upload or embed this online or just view it on your desktop later.

UltraSlideShow Lite 3

UltraSlideshow Lite is a useful utility for all those aiming to add life and value to their memories. We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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