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Unassociate File Types With Applications Using Unassociate File Types

Almost all file types in Windows are associated with applications. This association can be changed by right clicking on a file and selecting the required program from the “Open With” option. It can often be quite a hassle to disassociate files once they are tied to a specific program. As a system administrator I once received a ticket (in my former job) to resolve an end user issue of a language trainer who was having problem opening an Excel file. On arriving at the training room, I found out that she had associated the XLSX file with MS Paint. Duh!

Unassociate File Types is a portable application which allows easily removing file association with default programs. This can be handy in unassociating files which may have been accidentally associated to a wrong application or to simply removing default program associations.

Just launch Unassociate File Types, select a file extension and click Remove File Association. This application requires administrative privileges to work so makes sure that you are logged in with an Administrator account.

Unassociate File Types

Unassociate File Types works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Unassociate File Types

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  1. Where this does not work is where an end-user (most commonly in Win 7 due to the change in the dialog box) changes the file association for .exe files themselves. So that when trying to run, say, Excel…Adobe Reader opens. Since this Unassociate File Types seems to be an .exe file…..

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