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Understanding Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View

Windows 7 comes with Internet Explorer 8 by default in most countries. You might have come across some websites that are not properly displayed in Internet Explorer 8, this is because these websites were designed for Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft has addressed this issue in Internet Explorer 8 with Compatibility View feature which helps make websites that are designed for older browsers look better in Internet Explorer 8.

In this post we will discuss the following two points:

  • How to Turn on  Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View
  • How to Receive Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View Updates

How to turn on the windows 7 Internet Explorer Compatibility View

First of all launch the Internet Explorer, then Click on the Tools Menu Bar item on the top of the Internet Explorer browser. Here, you will see a list of options, select the Compatibility View option to enable the compatibility View.

Compatibilty View

Compatibility View

How to receive the Windows 7 Internet Explorer Compatibility View updates

Followings are the steps which you should follow to receive the Windows 7 Internet Explorer Compatibility View Updates.

In Internet Explorer click the Tool menu and choose the Compatibility View Settings option from the list.

Compatibilty Mode settings

Now check Include updated website lists from Microsoft checkbox in the Compatibility View Settings dialog box.

Include Updates- compatibility updates

You are done. Enjoy!


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