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How To Remove Multiple Windows Store Apps From Windows 8 In One Go

Removing Modern UI apps in Windows 8 or RT doesn’t work like the traditional way of uninstalling them from Control Panel. Instead, you can remove a Windows Store app directly by right-clicking its tile on the Start Screen and selecting Uninstall from the app bar. This makes uninstallation process fairly simple and intuitive, as you can instantly remove the app without going through the conventional procedure for desktop apps. Though what if you want to remove multiple Modern UI apps at once? There is no default option to do that, since when you select multiple apps on the Start Screen, the Uninstall button simply vanishes from the app bar. Thankfully, there’s a user script named RemoveWindowsStoreApp available at TechNet’s Script Center that makes the whole multi-app removal procedure a breeze, letting you get rid of all unwanted Modern UI apps from the Windows PowerShell. Read on to find how it works.

After downloading the ZIP file, extract its contents to a conveniently accessible location on your computer. Next, open the folder that contains the extracted files.

The folder contains multiple items and folders. You’ll first need to open the script file in Notepad or any other text editor to make some changes to it. Right-click ‘RemoveWindowsStorApp’, select ‘Open with’ from the context menu, and choose Notepad or any other plain text editor of your choice when asked.

Remove Windows Store apps in Windows 8_2

After opening the script in the text editor, scroll down to the end and add the following text:


Now save the file and close your text editor.

Remove Windows Store apps in Windows 8_3

Next, you need to open Power Shell and run the modified script file. The easiest way to do this is to right-click the file and select ‘Run with PowerShell’ from the context menu.


This in turn will open a Power Shell console showing the names of all the installed Windows Store apps, along with their IDs. To delete an app, you simply require to specify its ID. You can input multiple IDs to remove more than a single app in one go. To do that, just enter the IDs separated by commas as demonstrated in the screenshot below, and hit the Enter key.

Remove Windows Store apps in Windows 8_5

When asked about the app removal confirmation, input Y and press Enter. In case of removing multiple apps, you’d see multiple confirmation commands, and you’ll just need to input Y for each app separately.

Remove Windows Store apps in Windows 8_6

Considering how this task is possible using a PowerShell script, we can expect a third-party tool to come sooner or later that enables you to remove multiple Windows Store apps at once, possibly with a GUI. Until then however, this script should suffice for the job. The script is built for Windows 8, but could possibly work on Windows RT as well, since it uses the built-in PowerShell and deals with Modern UI apps only. Testing was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit edition.

Download RemoveWindowsStoreApp

[via Ghacks]

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