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Universal Shredder – Free Internet And PC Cleaning Software

Universal Shredder is a user-friendly Internet and PC cleaning utility that allows you to delete all of your internet activities and  the unwanted temporary files.  It can clean the browsing history, visited links, cookies, images, and chat logs. Apart from all this, it also acts as a File Shredder and Cookie Browser. It shreds important files in such a way that it makes it difficult even for the sneakiest file-recovery tools to find them.

Once you launch it, you will notice that some clean-up options are already selected by default. On the left sidebar, all options are categorized into different logical groups, among them select the clean up option that you want to perform. Its very simple, click the group name in the left side pane and all its related options are displayed in the right side main window. Once you have selected the required clean up items, click the Start Erasing Now button to start the clean up process.

Universal Shredder

During my testing, I cleaned the browser’s temporary files and as a result got plenty of space free.

Shredding Browser

Similarly you can clean up your PC by choosing the Windows OS and Applications category, the Tools category includes three awesome tools File Shredder, Scheduler, and Cookie Browser. File Shredder lets you shred your files, Scheduler lets you schedule the clean up tasks and the Cookie Browser lets you safely browse cookies created by different websites.

Universal Shredder Tools

Download Universal Shredder

It runs flawlessly on Windows 2000/2003 server, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Enjoy!

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