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Unlock Windows 8 With USB Drive & Take Webcam Photos At Failed Login With Lockscreen Pro

The logon screen in Windows 7 cannot be customized at all using the default available options; even changing the background of the logon screen requires you to use a third-party tool. In Windows 8, the lock screen of  has been revamped to include a lot more information and users are provided with some control over it, such as the ability to change its background, specify which apps can put notifications on it and view the date, time and current battery status of your system. However, there has been no significant change in the security of the system. Today, we have a lock screen application called Lockscreen Pro that replaces the regular lock screen with a custom one, providing you with options to unlock the computer with a password or a USB flash drive, and even uses the webcam to capture a photo every time there is an unsuccessful login attempt. Thus while preventing other people from accessing your computer, it also lets you see who tried to gain access to it without your permission. Moreover, you can change the lock screen background to a custom photo.

Lockscreen Pro is a portable application and can be launched directly by double-clicking its icon. Upon first launch, the configuration window pops up, allowing you to choose the layout and security options for the program. You can choose to show or hide battery indicator and Windows 8 style clock, change the background, choose to unlock your PC with a USB drive, take photos of failed and successful logins, and change the default password, among some other options.

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Once all the settings are done, you can lock your computer, view the login photos captured during failed and successful attempts, or open the settings dialog box again.

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Other than password unlock, you can also unlock the PC by registering a USB flash drive with the application. To configure a USB flash drive, just select the option and insert a flash drive into the computer. Once registered, it can be used to unlock the computer by just attaching it to the computer, thus working as a key.

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You can change the background of the login screen to one of the images already available in the application, or select any image of your own choice from your computer.

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Whenever there is an unsuccessful login attempt, the application will use the computer’s webcam to capture a photo and save it for later viewing. The last image captured by the application can be seen right on the lock screen itself.


If you choose the Login Photos button from the app’s main interface, it allows you to view all the images taken during all the unsuccessful logon attempts. Each image is saved along with its day, date and time at which the login was attempted.

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Lockscreen Pro works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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