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Upload A Video To YouTube From Windows Live MovieMaker & Photo Gallery

We see lots of YouTube Downloaders for desktop, but what if you want to upload a video to YouTube without having to visit the website? If you are using Windows with Live Essentials pack installed, you will find the Upload To YouTube option in both Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

You will find the options to upload video under ‘Publish > More Services’ in Photo Gallery and under ‘Sharing option’ in MovieMaker. Even though many users use Live Photo Gallery to manage their photos and videos, I was stunned to discover their lack of knowledge towards uploading videos directly to YouTube.

Photo Gallery YouTube Upload

The YouTube support comes as part of latest Windows Live Essentials pack. Just click Share on Youtube, enter your login credentials and video information, and hit Publish.

Live Movie Maker YouTube Upload

It’s that simple. The only downside is that you cannot upload multiple videos, only one at a time.


  1. Hey am new to this uploading videos thing but my vids are taking day to up load and they get stuck at 5% or 7% for days am I doing something wrong? I truly need some help!

  2. See how the “publish” button is light gray and not clickable? How do you get past this problem to actually make it publish to YouTube?

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