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Upload Document, Spreadsheet & PowerPoint To Live Skydrive [Office 2010]

You must have heard by now that Microsoft Office 2010 will have an option to upload Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PowerPoint Presentations directly to Windows Live Skydrive.

So far nobody knows how it will look like since there has been no solid leads or screenshots. The option will only be available in the final release and is not included in Office 2010 Technical Preview(or at least this is the case with me). This makes sense since Microsoft plans to make Office Web Apps available on the Office 2010 launch date.

Luckily, Microsoft Office team gives a short hint about the functionality along with a screenshot in their official Office Web Apps Document. Point 8, titled Use Office Web Apps With Office 2010 says the following:

Open and save your documents to SkyDrive directly from within select Office 2010 client applications on your computer (via Microsoft Office Backstage view).

The screenshot provided is as follows,

save to windows live skydrive

Click the screenshot above to enlarge

This option can be found in the Share tab inside the Microsoft Office Backstage View. The interesting part is that not only can you upload documents to Live Skydrive but also open them directly in Office 2010.

Unless we don’t get our hands on this feature, we can’t comment much about it. But from the screenshot we can say that it organizes both User Personal Folders and Folders that Are Shared With The User. You have an option to create a new folder or refresh them. Just select the folder where you want to save the document and hit Save As, you are done. Enjoy!

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