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Upload Facebook Albums And Videos From Your Desktop

Bloom is a multi-platform, Java-based application for Facebook that allows you to upload albums, download photos and view your friends’ albums right from your desktop. Using Bloom, you can upload photos and videos, tag people, set privacy settings for albums, import EXIF information into photo caption, and much more.

Upon launching the application, the first thing would be logging into your Facebook account and setting up permissions for the bloom application.


Once you’ve successfully logged in, the application presents its main interface. It gives you the option to create a new album, upload videos, view your friends’ albums (and download them), or see your own photos and albums. If creating a new album, you can define the parameters as shown in the right pane. You can also rotate photos to your choosing.


You can access the Preferences for Bloom under File menu. One of the advance features offered by Bloom is its ability to upload photos behind a proxy server.


Bloom works cross-platform, supporting Windows (32- and 64-bit), Mac OS and Linux. It requires a minimum of Java Environment 1.5.0 or higher to work.

Download Bloom


  1. The application works really good although, when i upload pictures it goes directly to my own photos, and i want them to go on my page a created. What do i do in order to upload the pictures to my page and not profile? thank you!

  2. Is this application safe?
    I am concerned about applications that gather private information on facebook (Altough i know facebook itself is the big brother that is watching us).

  3. Hey there, I'm Spencer. I work for a company named Syncables, and after reading through this, I think you might want to check us out. We make a localized syncing and media management software that I've found makes a great way to upload and manage your Facebook photos. Our client is cross-platform, and can upload not only to facebook, but to youtube and flickr as well.

    Anyway, come check us out sometime at http://www.syncables.com!

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