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NeembuUploader Uploads File To Multiple File Hosting Services In One Go

NeembuUploader is small open source Java-based application to upload file to multiple file hosting services in one go.  It supports 6 widely used file hosting services, including, Easy-Share, FileDropper, FileDude, HotFile, ifile.it. and UploadMB. Since these services don’t necessarily require users to sign up for an account to upload or download data, non-registered users can make use of NeembuUploader to quickly share data over the web. The application is built to be simple, you just have to drag & drop the file to begin uploading to multiple servers simultaneously. Furthermore, the application provides all the essential information about the uploaded files, it can open recently uploaded files, manage accounts, open only selected file upload for verification, and show uploaded and deleted URL addresses.

Neembuu Uploader

When running for the first time, it will ask you to enter HotFile account details, however, you can skip this step if files have to be uploaded without being signed in. Files can be selected either manually by clicking Select Files button or by dragging files over input box. Once inserted, select the file hosting servers to which you wish to upload file followed by a click on Start Upload to begin uploading. Under Progress section, file uploading status can be seen and you can define maximum numbers of simultaneous uploads.

Recently Uploaded Files 1

After the uploading process is finished, you can select any file hosting service and click Open Selected Upload URL to verify the availability of selected file. Logs of previously uploaded files are automatically saved, allowing you to view all files with their original source links. The application works on all OS platforms provided you have JRE 1.6 + installed.

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  • Rygel

    The two biggest hosts are missing… Rapidshare and Megaupload.

    A better alternative is http://www.multiupload.com/. Don’t know if it was already mentioned here. Registered users can download a desktop application for multiple simultaneous uploads. Files get uploaded to multiupload and then mirrored to various services. Only downside: Can’t upload to own accounts (yet).