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Upload Images To Custom Servers, Amazon S3, MobileMe With TinyGrab 2.0

TinyGrab stands apart from staggering number of screenshot taking and sharing tools available out there. The most amazing aspects of TinyGrab are its super easy usage, very responsive in terms of capturing screen area and uploading it to server, and importantly, online image management facility. Recently, TinyGrab has been updated to version 2.0 which is a complete rewrite and brings a tons of improvements and features. The most significant part of update is that it now allows user to configure their online servers by specifying FTP/SFTP details to directly upload images. You can also connect to Amazon S3, MobileMe, and Rackspace Cloud Files for organizing your online image archive with an ease.

If you haven’t tried it before, you will need to create a TinyGrab account and then log in from Preferences window. After the installation, right-click its icon and select Preferences.

preferences 1

Now move to Account tab and enter the TinyGrab login information. Once logged in, you can change the default uploading TinyGrab server to Amazon, Rackspace, or configure your own server by entering FTP/SFTP details from Uploading tab. The last step would be to change the default hotkey combinations for taking screenshots. As ClipGrab allows full screen, selective area, and active window capture, you will need to redefine the shortcut keys from General tab. Here, you can also enable/disable screen grab sound, set uploading options, and specify post capture actions.

configurations 3

If you’ve configured multiple servers, switching between them prior to taking screenshots is easy. You will have to select the Upload service from its system tray menu. Now use the specified hotkey combination to take and upload the screenshot. Once taken, it will instantly notify you about the uploading process followed by copy the sharable link to clipboard.

grab 2

The online image management feature lets you easily organize all the previously taken screenshots. You can create new folders to hold images taken at specific time, edit description, view image traffic stats, and so on.

online manager 2

It works on both Windows and Mac. A free application for iPhone is also available. In the forthcoming release, you will be able to directly upload screenshots to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and WordPress and showcase images in a public web gallery.

Download TinyGrab 2.0

[via Caschy]


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