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Upload Screenshots, Screencasts And Files To Box.net From Desktop

Box.net, despite being one of the best online storage drive for personal documents, media, and other files, doesn’t offer desktop application to upload and synchronize files across all PCs. This leaves free account holders with no other option than to to find alternatives which can upload files directly from desktop to their box.net accounts. Box SimpleShare is desktop application powered by box.net which gives both free and subscribed users a simple solution for uploading screenshots, screencasts and files right from the desktop. It allows users to quickly take screenshots and record screencasts and upload them to their accounts, so they can share them with others. The file uploading option will immensely come handy for free users, as they can upload multiple files to their accounts without having to open web browser.

After installing the application, you will be asked to enter the box.net login details. Once verified, it will sit in system tray. First off, you should open Preferences and change the default hotkey combinations for taking screenshots and recording screencasts. Here, you can also disable option to delete images after upload, disable automatic uploads, and copy URL to clipboard after upload process gets finished.

box preferences 2

After all settings are in place, you can use specified hotkey combinations to capture full screen, take screenshots of defined region, and to record screencasts. The screenshots will be uploaded automatically, if auto-upload option is enabled. When hotkey for screencast is used, you will have to draw a region on screen to start recording screencast. A small Stop recording button will appear at bottom-right corner to stop the recording and upload it to your box.net account.

stop recording 2

When upload process is finished, a notification will pop up from system tray.

upload file

Uploading files is also easy. Just select Upload file option from system tray menu and specify files which are to be uploaded.

upload file 1

The main interface lets you quickly open box.net SimpleShare Uploads folder. Click View folder to view the file listings in your default browser.

box net browser

Box SimpleShare is handy tool for box.net users, and with simple screenshot taking and screencast recording options, you can quickly upload and share screenshots and screencasts with anyone in just few simple steps.

Download Box SimpleShare

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