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Upload Videos To Facebook via Windows Live MovieMaker & Photo Gallery

Both Windows Live Movie Maker and Live Photo Gallery have a build-in option to upload videos to YouTube. Since Facebook is becoming more popular, adding an option to upload videos to this social network makes sense. After all, people love to share personal videos on Facebook rather than on YouTube.

We previously covered a nifty little plugin called LiveUpload to Facebook which could quickly upload photos to your Facebook albums via Windows Live Gallery. The developers have updated the plugin to support videos too.

The most interesting part is that you can upload videos to Facebook directly from Windows Live Movie Maker as well. A great option for those who want to upload videos after some quick editing.

Select the video that you want to upload to Facebook and go to Publish > More Services > LiveUpload to Facebook. Please note that you can only upload one video at a time.

upload video facebook

After the app has finished connecting with your facebook account, enter the video title, description, and hit Next. Note that the video size is also displayed.

Upload video to facebook

In the final step, hit Publish and wait while the app uploads and publishes the video to your facebook account.

video facebook

Windows Live Movie Maker has similar option but you will find LiveUpload to Facebook icon inside the Sharing box.

live movie maker facebook

Since Microsoft has developed Live Photo Gallery for the purpose of organizing both videos and photos, it is extremely useful to have ‘Upload to Facebook’ option.

Download LiveUpload to Facebook

I tested it on Windows 7 64-bit and the videos were uploaded successfully.

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