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USB Guard: Prevent Your Computer From Shutdown When USB Is Connected

One can often forget to remove a USB or external drive from a computer before shutting it down. This leads to a number of issues such as forgetting an external or pen drive at office or a public place with valuable data inside it.

Free USB Guard is a portable application that alerts you at system shutdown if a flash drive or other external drive(s) is attached. Despite having similar attributes to USB Alert, it interrupts the shutdown process to show an alert to unplug USB drive. When done, you can use its Power Options to shutdown, restart or hibernate the system. The portability of USB Guard means that you can even run it on a public computer from a flash drive to make sure that you do not forget your portable drive when you shutdown the computer.

When launched, USB Guard sits in the system tray and starts monitoring the presence of the external drives. From system tray menu, you can enable USB Guard to auto start with Windows logon and manually select the drives which are to be monitored.

System Tray

Now the next time you shutdown your system with USB plugged in, USB Guard will interrupt the shutdown process to alert you about the connected USB drives along with options to Shutdown, Standby, or Hibernate the system.


USB Guard works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Free USB Guard

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