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USB Safeguard – USB Flash Drive Encryption Software

We have come across many so-called USB encryption software but none of them really work. The two most popular way of encrypting the external drive or USB Flash drive is to either use TrueCrypt or Windows 7 Bitlocker. Now there is a 3rd newcomer which actually works and is much more easier to use for novice users.

USB Safeguard is a small portable tool which works straight from the USB Flash drive. Just copy the the executable file to the USB flash drive and run it. Enter the password and add the files that you want to encrypt(you can drag and drop the files). Hit Encrypt all button to encrypt all data.

USB Safeguard

But what if some unauthorized use gets hold of your USB Flash Drive, it has a build-in option to wipe of all data. You can either choose to not remove the data, use Zero Out Data method to remove and overwrite data or use the DoD method to wipe of data which is used by the US Department of Defense. You can also check to wipe all free disk space for better security.

usb safeguard main

You will be shown the progress while the data are being encrypted, wiped out, or decrypted.

USB Safeguard end

To decrypt all data, click the USB Safeguard executable and enter the correct password. In the new dialog box choose the files that you want to decrypt.

Encrypted file

Decrypt files

The only downside of this app is that it can only encrypt 2GB of data. Like I mentioned in the introductory paragraph, this tool is the quickest way to encrypt for novice users only who have little important files or documents to encrypt. We would however still recommend using either TrueCrypt or Bitlocker, if you know how to use them.

Download USB Safeguard

It works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7.


  1. Within it’s limits, it has convinced me it is a very useful tool. I am gearing up to offer usb sticks come this autumn on my website, and I will offer to install this on the stick for customers at no additional charge. YES, there are other products out there, but between complexity of use and complexity and inconvenience of the LICENSE, I favor this one for most users.

  2. I like the idea of these and I don't doubt that they work, I just think they are not incredibly practical. For my purposes I often use encryption software to send files safely. With this, how could they possibly be decoded on the other end? I realize it's just for short term storage purposes, but most vendors do this already, and you could always just encrypt them before you put them on a drive. So, while I do see some people getting value out of this, I can't really see myself using it.

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