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SharedSafe Utilizes Free Email Space For Private File Storage And Sharing

With the increment in popularity of online file storage, cloud computing and shared services, file sharing has attained an entirely new meaning. As of now online file storage services are the hottest commodity in market, with services like Dropbox and SugarSync taking the top spot, and file sharing giants like RapidShare, MegaUpload and many others crushing out competition. However, one catch with most of these services is that they’re free only for the most ripped-off version of what they can really do. Hence this division had yet to see a really impressive ‘free’ solution.

SharedSafe is an advanced utility with a different approach. It utilizes all that free space in your email account and turns that into free, shared, online file sharing space. You can synchronize any number of local folders across multiple computers. All shared content is encrypted and secure.

SharedSafe menu

Shared safe itself is not a service. It basically works with any IMAP supported email service, and can create file sharing folders on that email server with ease. The only usage requirement to utilize SharedSafe’s added functionality is to have it installed on your machine. Once the initial setup is complete, you will hardly ever need to interact with the software itself again. Once local shared folders have been established on each machine, any changes to one will be reflected in all, as the service will continue to function in the background. It is just like creating your own version of Dropbox!

The first time setup requires you to provide your email credentials, which is not stored by SharedSafe. There is no sign-up required if you already have an IMAP supported email account (like Gmail).


Once an email account has been linked to a local shared folder, SharedSafe adds the sync features to Windows’ context menu, allowing easy access. It also displays the amount of free space available on the linked email account/folder.

SharedSafe context

SharedSafe is a useful, light and highly functional application that allows you to take full advantage of the free file space provided by various webmail providers. One thing to remember here is that SharedSafe is in beta, and it’s license is valid for 45 days after install. Hence as long as the application remains in beta, all you need to do when your license expires is to download and install a fresh copy to get another 45 days worth of usage. Looks like a major annoyance to us!

Update: The developer of this application contacted us, clarifying that the intention behind this 45 day limit is only to have the users test all the features during this time, and to have all the users upgrade to the  latest version so that they can benefit from all the new features. They have also guaranteed that from the next beta version, the trial limit will be increased to 90 days!

SharedSafe is a Windows-only application, which we tested on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download SharedSafe

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  • Owen Francis

    I used absalon it gave me 5GB free storage space. I also use their business system to get my own webpage so i do not have to login to get to my files.


  • gurudev

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64) is needed to
    install sharedsafe which mean that this will be useless for anyone
    who does not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and
    x64) installed.