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Use PIN Code To Login To Windows 8 With PIN Logon Credential Provider

Aside from allowing users to log on to Windows via Windows Live account and Local account (see guide here), Windows 8 also includes an option to create a custom PIN which can either be connected with your local or Windows Live account. Although this option has been added to Windows 8 for tablet users to enter code via touch-numpad, PC users can also create PIN to logon to Windows using either Windows Live account username and password or PIN code. Just like other logon options like Windows Live or Local Account, you can create PIN from Control Panel –> Users window.

To get started, open Control Panel from Windows 8 Start Menu. Now select Users from main navigation bar and click Create a PIN in main window.

create pin

It will open PIN setup dialog. Now first you have to enter your user account password. If you have connected Windows Live account with Windows 8 user account, it will ask you to enter Windows Live account password. Once done, click OK to proceed.

PIN login 1

Now enter 4 digit PIN. It must be noted that it only takes numerical input. Upon clicking Finish, it will take you back to Control Panel Users window, showing options to change or remove PIN code.

set your pin 2

You will see Logon Options link on Windows 8 Logon Screen, which lets you switch between configured logon options. Here, you can choose PIN Logon Credential Provider option to logon to Windows via PIN code.

live ID 3

PIN Logon Credential Provider brings the most convenient way to Windows 8 tablet users to login to Windows. It doesn’t require you to press Enter key or click Submit button to login to Windows 8; it logs you in as soon as you tap the last digit of  PIN code.


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