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User Password Change, Deactivation & Password Policy In Windows Home Server 2011

User password change, deactivation and password policy is always an important feature in servers. As users are bound to forget their passwords or end up having expired accounts. User deactivation is also convenient to temporarily disable certain user accounts for security purposes. Password policies for user accounts also hold great importance for network security, however, not everyone requires the default complicated password policy and it can be a bit difficult for beginners to understand the mechanism involved in changing it. In this post we will tell you how to change password/password policy and how to deactivate a user account in Windows Home Server 2011 (Vail).

To deactivate a user account, open the Dashboard, go to the Users tab, and select “Deactivate the user account” via right click context menu (for the appropriate user). To change password, click on “change the user account password”. Other functions in this context menu also allow managing user rights and removing an account.

Windows Server

Enter a password and click Change Password to reset a user account password. The type of password you keep will largely depend upon the password policy that you have configured for the users.

Change Password

You can change the password policy in order to get rid of the default complicated password restriction by going to the Users tan and clicking on “Set the password policy”. After that, move the slider in the box that opens up to select a level of password policy according to your liking.

password policy

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