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UserAssistView: View All Applications & Links Opened By Any PC User

Not sure what’s eating your system’s memory? Recently installed an application and now your system runs like a tortoise? It’s a malware perhaps but how would you know? We have a software for you that might help. UserAssistView is a portable application that finds which programs are being run behind your back on your PC. It is developed by Nirsoft, a renowned developer for making light weight, simple and highly efficient programs for its users. This multilingual application provides useful information regarding different aspects of all the applications currently eating your computer’s memory. Read past the jump for details.

So, how does it work? Windows is designed in a way that your most frequently used programs are pre-fetched, allowing you to quickly access them. Likewise, these programs appear on the Start Menu for quick access. The list of most frequently used applications and links is managed in Windows Registry, and can only be accessed and interpreted using a decryption tool. UserAssistView does nothing except offering you a direct access to that list in Registry, so that you don’t have to hop into Registry Editor every time you want to view the applications/links used on your PC.

The main panel of the program provides a view to all the system and user processes. The information is displayed in five separate columns. Item Name shows the path of applications, Count provides the number of times each program has been run, Modified Time contains the last time the process was modified so you can time frame it. The last column is ClassID, which helps you in finding the current classID key of the application when you navigate to registry manually.


Similar to Nirsoft’s most tools, you can generate an HTML report of your selected applications, just highlight the process, right click and select HTML Report – Selected Items. You can create an HTML report for all instances at once.

UserAssistView HTML Report

UserAssistView is a great tool if you want to keep an eye on your children regarding which programs they have been tinkering with during their homework time, or monitor other users of your computer for prohibited/undesired activity. Or, during instances where you installed an application and it keep kicking down your system’s overall performance, without you even knowing it. It instantaneously provides a lot of information, which otherwise would have required you to open registry to get access to. The utility works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Download UserAssistView

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