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Using Time Mangagement Tool ‘RememberTheMilk’ Right From Your Desktop

As technology is evolving, our lives are getting busy in involving with it. We all want to do so many things in a single day just like I want to do several blog posts per day and at the same time, I want to keep some time for my offline world {friends and family}. But at the end of the day, when I look at my activities, I often get disappointed. This is where time management tools job come and they can be very handy in the process of planning one’s schedule. If you want to work efficiently, you have to remember the milk ;). RTM is an online service and works from the browser. It may be comfortable for others but I prefer desktop widget over browser. We will make an account first, then with a little hack, we will be able to access RTM via desktop widget.

Making An Account:

1-First things first, make an account from here {Its free! as they say}.


2-After filling up your information, choosing date format, Tick on ‘I have read and accept the Terms of Use‘, Click on Signup. You will be sent to another page which says that a verification email has been sent to you and you have to click on the given link to verify your account {just like any other web service requires authentication, nothing special :)}. Check your e-mail inbox and click on the link {In the meantime, login with your username and password to take an initial ride with RTM}.


3-Congrats! your RTM account is verified now. Login if you have not did it as in step 2.

4-You should be logging into your RTM account. But hey! what’s this popup? It is Gears security warning from Google gears. If you want to use RTM offline {It means that you can use it locally from the cache}, allow it(recommended) otherwise click on deny.


5-Yay! Finally here comes your RTM dashboard. Confused with all the options? RTM compiled a total newbie guide so you don’t have to worry about all the fuss. Now we can move to our objective. Lets get the RTM Desktop Widget!

Use RememberTheMilk as a desktop widget:

We can use the desktop widget with a little hack. So if you also want to use RTM from desktop, follow these steps.

1-Go to RTM Services Page. Here you will see a bunch of different RTM integration modules. There are two modules which you can use in order to get RTM on desktop which are iGoogle Gadget and Netvibes Module. I will choose Netvibes because I find it more comfortable to use then iGoogle Gadget. By the way, you can choose any one of your choice as the integration process is almost same.

2-Get the URL of Netvibes Module. We will be using it shortly.rtm4

3-Now come to your desktop and right click on any empty space. Click on Properties, It will open-up your display properties.

rtm54-Go to ‘Desktop‘, then ‘Customize Desktop‘ and then ‘Web‘ Tab.  


rtm9 rtm11

5-Click on ‘New‘ button. Now enter the URL I gave in step 7 in the Location box. Click OK, Now it will show a confirmation box to add a widget. Click Ok and Ok and Ok.




6-Voila! Here comes your desktop widget. Login if prompted to do so, don’t worry about the options as you will become familiar with them soon…Now enjoy planning your time and never complain about time shortage again!


Stuck in somewhere? Didn’t got any step? Comment box is below 😉

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