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View And Share Visual Studio 2010 Snippets With SnippetDoc

Code Snippets containing code to perform a certain function help developers in application development process. Visual Studio includes an option to insert snippets in current code file via right-click context menu but doesn’t provide convenience of viewing the saved snippets. Although the previously reviewed add-in for Visual Studio 2010 namely, Snippet Designer offers a handy manager to view, design and organize new snipptets, it doesn’t have a convenient snippet viewer, plus there is no option to share snippets across your team members connected in LAN network. SnippetDoc is a standalone, open source application which lets your team members view and access your Visual Studio code snippets from a nicely designed web UI. The application generates a HTML page to view and navigate through snippets saved in specified directory.

Just launch the application and enter source folder where you’ve saved your Visual Studio code snippets. If you are using Visual Studio 2010, you may find them in Documents/Visual Studio 2010/Code Snippets folder.

snippetdoc `

Now specify the destination folder and hit Generate to JavaScript based HTML page to view the code snippets, browse through them, and quickly share them with your peers connected in LAN.

snippetdoc.html - Google Chrome

SnippetDoc comes with an in-built snippet code file renderer and doesn’t need Visual Studio or any third-party application to render snippet code files. SnippetsDoc is great application to view snippets saved in defined folder but doesn’t allow you to jump between code snippets folders. According to the developer, the option to scan multiple folders will be added in next release.

In all, SnippetDoc is a small yet useful application that lets user easily open Visual Studio snippets files without requiring Visual Studio to be installed on the system.

Download SnippetDoc

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