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View Detailed System, Windows, Hardware, Network Related Information With SIV

System Information Viewer (SIV) holds an huge array of system information, catering to generic hardware resources, complete Windows information, graphics (VGA, GPU), USB ports and plugged-in USB devices, Network related information, Disk volumes, Wi-Fi specific ports (SSiDs, TCP information, Bluetooth), PCI Buses and lot more.

Previously we have covered similar tools like, Speccy and SIW (System Information for Windows), this application is more advanced in terms of system elements’ details it brings with an extensive information about all the connected peripherals, Bus slots, and other devices related directly with system.

It displays all the generic system information including CPU(s) clock speed, utilisation, volts consumption, temperature, etc., right up front on the main interface. It is designed for power users, since most of the information it brings is a bit hard to understand for novices.

In the bottom lane you will see multiple system elements’ pull down menus. From drop-down list, you can navigate to the information dialog of the specified element. Like from Windows pull-down menu, you can view information like; File Cache, Paging, Job pools, DNS names, DLL by address and by name, Windows groups, Processes, Services, and more.


From USB Bus menu, you can open separate information windows for;  PCI Bus, Device IDs, Interfaces, Device trees, PNP and PCI devices, FireWire, etc. Similarly under Network all the network specific elements and operations are present, such as; Domains, Users, Net Card, Servers, Filters, etc. Under each informational window, there’re all more related information bundled in drop-down list. For instance, under Physical memory window, you can view detailed information pertaining to Port, Memory, Express, and Complex addresses.


The application displays almost everything which your system includes, one pre-requisite is that you need to know which sub-elements, operations or functionality falls under which system element’s category. It runs on all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download SIV (System Information Viewer)

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