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View, Edit, Paste And Manage Text & Image Entries With Ace Clipboard

Previously, we have covered a lot of clipboard managers, including Clipboard Text Recorder, ClipX and Free Clipboard Manager, that have their distinct functionality like managing clipboard through hotkeys and saving screenshots in clipboard. Ace Clipboard is another such clipboard manager that lets you copy and paste text, capture and edit screenshots, as well as access and open files, folders and URL links directly from the clipboard manager. The pasting process doesn’t require you to access any menus or learn any hotkeys; you can paste text, URLs and images just by clicking on their name. Ace Clipboard has the capability to save up to 25 clipboard entries. Read the details about Ace Clipboard after the jump.

Click the system tray icon of Ace Clipboard to access its main interface. When the clipboard is recording, everything that is copied can be viewed and edited using the clipboard manager. Move the mouse pointer over an entry to view the relevant buttons like Net (to open URLs in browser) and Open (to access local folders). To paste something form Ace Clipboard into a document, click the relevant entry to paste it where your cursor is placed.

Ace Clipboard Main Interface

Right-click an item and click Edit to enter the Clip Edit dialog box. It allows you to adjust different settings of the selected text such as Upper Case, Proper Case, Spaces, Word Wrap, HTML, etc. You can also change the highlight color of the selected entry. Click Save when done with the adjustments.

Clip Edit

Ace Clipboard allows you to capture entire screen, active window and graphics from other applications such as browsers. Press Print Screen to capture entire screen and Alt + Print Screen to capture just the active window. In order to capture graphics from your web browser, right-click on the image and select Copy. The application also hosts a Graphics Editor that allows you add text, clip art, lines and lets you resize and rotate the screenshots.


Ace Clipboard Grphic Editor

Hover the mouse over an entry to enable the preview window in the top right corner of your desktop screen. It displays shows the first several lines of a text entry or the thumbnail of graphic image.

Ace Clipbaord Preview

Click Tools menu at the top and select Options to configure options related to application startup, pasting methods and activation. Details for each option is displayed in the lower half of the window by hovering the mouse over it.

Aceclipboard Options

Ace Clipboard works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Ace Clipboard


  1. I used M8 muticlipboard for a while and really liked it. Then I made the mistake of upgrading to their newest ver. which sucked and then a similar software by the same people called “spartan” that sucked even worse.
    I contacted them trying to link to the earlier ver. that I liked and got a nasty note back that said “not possible.
    Their newest ver. ran from the tray AND must be left open on the task bar ALSO for it to work and it’s still a pain and will also NAG the hell out of you if you lucky enough NOT to have wasted money on this junk.
    I just downloaded THIS software, that actually looks like the ver. of M8 that I WAS using.
    If this works like I think it will, Yall just made me a very happy man.
    I know I’m not the first to say this, but something like this should’ve been included WITH windows long ago.

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