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View IMDB Rating Of Movies Before Copying Them To Local Drive

IMDB has the largest online movie database. Ratings and Reviews on IMDB are highly regarded by everyone and are a huge factor when deciding on purchasing a movie. Now suppose a situation where you need to copy a friend’s movie collection to your local drive, wouldn’t it be great if you could only copy those movies with IMDB rating higher than 6?

IMDB Movie Explorer is exactly what you need. It is a portable tool that lists all movies, descriptions, and their IMDB ratings. You can then choose to copy movies which have higher ratings rather than filling up your hard disk with all the sub-standard movies.

Movie Explorer

The interface itself is simple. Just hit Open and choose the folder that contains the movies. Once all movies are listed, choose the desired movies(according to the IMDB ratings) and copy them to your local drive. The application tries to match the filename to the movie, then searches for the official rating on IMDB and displays them next to the movie name.

Download IMDB Movie Explorer

It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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