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View Revisions, Compress & Encrypt Google Docs Files Using PowerGDocs

Google Docs is a web-based data storage service which has the ability to create and edit documents. While it has options like real-time collaboration on documents creation with other users and support for several document formats, it does not provide compression and encryption of documents. PowerGDocs is a portable desktop client for Google Docs to download and upload Google Docs files and open file revisions. Unlike previously reviewed SyncDocs, it does not synchronize data with Google Docs but allows uploading and downloading it from your local drive. Nonetheless, it provides the additional utility to compress and encrypt downloaded documents.

Power GDocs supports all kinds of Google Docs files, including media files, which can be imported or exported with a single click. When a file is selected, it shows numerous type of metadata information, including, categories, e-tags, last modification date, parent folder’s name, and used quota bytes. It has the ability to compress document and files using 7Zip before uploading them to your account and automatically encrypt all the downloaded files to prevent access from other local users.

Using PowerGDocs is dead simple, simply launch the PowerGDocs.cmd file and login with your Google account details from the main interface.


Once logged-in, it will display your files. You can download them using Download button present at the bottom or via right-click context menu. Similarly, you can click Upload and select files to save to your Google Docs account. To view file revisions, right-click on a file and click Revisions. You can also choose to download the revised documents.


To provide additional security for your Google Docs files, you can enable encryption from Options tab.  The compression option lying beneath it will first compress files with 7Zip and then upload them.

PowerGDocs is a simple, open source application which can be further improved with a better looking interface and some additional options such as support for multiple accounts. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download PowerGDocs

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  • Les

    Version 1.4.5 does a lot more for free.

  • Les

    Version 1.4.5 does a lot more for free.