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4 Visual Changes In The New Windows 10 Technical Preview Build

Microsoft has released Build 9879 of the Windows 10 Technical preview and it’s actually more buggy than the last one. As it was with Build 9860, some features originally revealed at the official unveiling of Windows 10 but not released immediately, have been enabled with this new build. Windows 10 is also under going what can best be described as an interface change though the changes are far less extreme and really just a reinforcement of the Modern UI. Four UI changes caught our eye are the new folder icons, the battery indicator on both the lock screen and in the system tray, the new hamburger style buttons on Modern apps, and the refined look of the Notification Center.

Notification Center

This may not qualify as a visual change but it certainly isn’t a new feature. It’s more a refinement of the Notification Center. In the previous build, the notifications were sorted by app name but were headed by an odd number to indicate the app. With the new build, that’s been fixed. The notifications are now duly sorted under the head of their respective app name.

notification center 9879

The Battery Indicator

The battery indicator on both the lock screen and the system tray has changed a bit; the battery is now on its side with a plug next to it.

battery icon

New Hamburger Button On Modern Apps

In older versions, a three dot button in the title bar allowed users to access the share, search, app settings, and full screen options in a Modern app. According to Microsoft, the buttons weren’t very noticeable so they changed it to three stacked lines. The button doesn’t do anything new that it didn’t do in the previous build.

metro buttons

Folder Icons

This is going to be the first thing you notice after the update. Folders with images in them appear with small (exceptionally small) previews of the images in them. The folder icon looks like a much flatter version of the old icon and it has been rotated at  degrees. I can’t say if it looks any better or any worse than the old icons but it’s a visual difference nevertheless.

folder icons

Have you noticed anything new about the Windows 10 UI?


  1. They can’t be SERIOUS with those folder icons !?????? Just when you think microsoft cannot possibly make Windows 10 any uglier, they go ALL IN and present the most hideous folder design the world has ever seen. This is the last straw, I’m not buying a computer with Windows anymore, I think I waited long enough for them to rectify the mishap that was Windows 8. Is it april 1st today? No? It sure looks like it. Goddaamn what a cold shower ! The design department at Redmond is a bunch of colorblind 4 year olds.

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