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VM Tweaker: More Control Over VMWare Machines [Windows]

VM Tweaker is a handy utility intended for advanced users. It provides a greater degree of control over VMWare virtual machines, and allows manipulation of those features that are normally restricted, including BIOS tweaks for the virtual machine, time and date sync between host and virtual machine, and various others.

The application requires a user to load the target .vmx file before the tweaks can be applied.


It offers five different sets of tweaks, namely Time&Clock, Sound&Video, Network, Bios Tweaks, and Misc. You may set the VGA memory for your virtual machine, up to a maximum of 256MB, and also change sound configurations.


The tool also allows loading of custom BIOS files, as well as hardware compatibility switch (choose between ESX and Hosted options). Check out all the tabs for complete tweaks that are available. Please note that this app is intended for advanced users, so if you are not certain of what you are doing, proceed at your own risk.

VM Tweaker is a portable utility that works with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Download VM Tweaker

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