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VocabTest – Improve English Vocabulary To Prepare For TOEFL, GRE & SAT

VocabTest is an application to help you test and improve your English language skills and vocabulary. It provides a word lists according to different categories and has three different learning levels, i.e. elementary, intermediate and advanced. The available word lists have been particularly designed keeping in mind students which may be preparing for GRE (Graduate Record Examinations test which is an admissions requirement for many graduate schools in USA), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and SAT (which is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States). You can also create custom lists to test your knowledge against a specific set of words. The default list contains word meanings, phonetic symbols, synonyms, antonyms and examples to elaborate the usage and meaning of each word. Once you have memorized these words and understood their usage, you can take a test for a specific word list to determine your English language skill improvements.

On the main interface, you can either use one of the available word lists or create a custom list. When creating a list you must specify the list name, level (elementary, intermediate or advanced) and creators name. These details help you easily locate a list from the Home menu.

Create List

You can use the default or custom word lists to learn word meanings and to take multiple choice or spelling tests. To take a test from a word list, click Take a test option.

VocabTest  GRE_B

This will start a test to help you measure your knowledge related to the words from the current list. The available test options include, Unique Spelling and a Multiple Choice test. For example, in a Multiple Choice test you will be provided with a hint such as “to quarrel about trivial things” and provided with synonyms for the correct word among the four choices. Click on the answer you deem correct. If your answer is correct, the word will turn green, otherwise the word will turn red.

The left sidebar displays the number of times the test has been taken for a specific word (including successful and failed attempts). It contains detailed information regarding the words which you need practice for being remembered and the ones which you have mastered.


VocabTest comes not only useful for students but also for teachers who may wish to create multiple choice quizzes or spelling tests to evaluate individual students in English vocabulary usage skills. VocabTest works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download VocabTest

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  • Patricio Sabugo

    Hello there people, i have found this article quite interesting, however the download link in the creator’s page is dead 🙁  Anyone has a copy of it? or at least, tell me where can i find a mirror? Thanks!