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Voxeet Redefines Conference Calling With ‘Natural’ 3D Voice Perception

Have you ever been in a conference call online? So, you do know how it usually is; the voice quality is all muffled and choppy, there is a lot of background noise, you can’t tell the voice of one person from the other, and if, for any reason, you have to leave your computer and want to continue from your smartphone, you’ll have to end the call and call everyone from your phone again. Voxeet makes sure that you don’t have to experience any of this ever again. Voxeet provides high quality voice transfer, better participant voice perception using 3D technology and high mobility using your smartphone.

Voxeet offers your teams crystal clear and relaxed conversations, which aim to give you the feeling of talking to a group of people in person. At Voxeet, they call this “Natural conferencing”.

You start with downloading Voxeet, installing it and creating a free account. Log in to the Windows application and add your team members using the add contacts button at the bottom. Once you have all the team members added in your account, you can create groups to help you with managing your contacts using the create group button right next to the add contact button.


You have the option of calling a single contact and then adding contacts to the conference one by one, or you can call the whole group at once.

Receiving calls

Once you are in a conference whenever some one speaks, the level of their voice meter begins to rise and fall, showing you who is speaking. In addition to the voice level meter, Voxeet use 3D sound technology to emulate real table talks. For example, when a conference call participant who’s avatar is displayed on the left side, his/her voice comes from your left speaker or ear piece. Similarly, contacts with avatars on the right will seem to be talking on your right, giving you the feeling of being in a room full of people. This also helps you differentiate between the voices of conference call participants. You can rearrange avatars as you like by dragging them around the Conference section, which automatically changes the direction their voices come from.

Voxeet conference

The best feature of Voxeet is the soon-to-come option of transferring live conferences from your computer to your smartphone without having to disconnect. To transfer your live conference from computer to smartphone, you’ll just have to log in from your phone and hit join, and it’ll let you continue your conference on the go.

Voxeet is in its beta phase right now and lacks a few features, but promises to add them soon. Promised features include easily inviting participants from your Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, chatting with participants during the conference call and an interesting feature called Whispering room, which is basically the option of having a private conversation with multiple conference call participants.

Download Voxeet

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