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WallMagician: Customize & Rotate Wallpaper And Hide Desktop Icons

WallMagician is a wallpaper manager that provides many advanced options to help overcome the shortcomings of the Windows default wallpaper management utility. It not only enables you to automatically change your desktop wallpaper at specific intervals, but also allows customizing each wallpaper to use a specific style (tile, center, fit or custom). You can also export a thumbnail gallery of selected wallpapers to PDF or HTML format, and create a printable index page. It also provides the option to select a filtering method (for stretching images), hiding desktop icons, enabling random wallpaper selection and performing manual wallpaper updates.

To begin, create a list of wallpapers by dragging images to WallMagician. Once done, you can select a precise size and format for each wallpaper. The options on the toolbar located in the middle of the interface allow renaming, sorting, adding, removing and printing the wallpaper list.


You can also export your thumbnail gallery as a PDF or HTML file or print it from the Thumbnails tab.


WallMagician works from the system tray and allows auto hiding icons, moving between the next/previous wallpaper, accessing program options and viewing the wallpaper list from the system tray menu.

System Tray

You can auto start the application at system startup, auto close the program after changing the wallpaper on startup, select a wallpaper changing interval, enable random wallpaper rotation, set a custom sound alert when a wallpaper is changed, and select default wallpaper position and a wallpaper filtering method (Mitchell, Lanczos, Nearest and Spline) from Program options.


WallMagician works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download WallMagician

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