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Wappwolf Automator: Auto Convert & Upload Tasks For Files Placed In Specific Dropbox & Google Drive Folders

Nowadays, there are a large number of cloud storage services available like SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box.net and SugarSync, and they offer an easy way to store, access and sync files across all configured devices without having to manually copy or move the files. Since multiple devices, such as PC’s, tablets and even high-tech mobile phones are becoming capable of creating and opening almost each and every file format, it becomes quite a wearisome task to manually copy each file to all devices. This is where cloud services come in. The number of cloud services has increased a lot in the last few years, and with each new service, users get a considerable amount of cloud storage to store more and more data online. The cloud services like Dropbox only save the files and syncs them across your devices. Today, we came across an old web service called Wappwolf Automator, which now allows you to assign automated actions to specific Dropbox and Google Drive folders. How exactly does it work? Let’s find out after the break.

The application supports a number of file-specific and general actions, including the option to convert to PDF, convert PDF to text, E-sign PDF, convert eBook, convert audio, upload to Facebook, Picasa, Google+, Evernote or Sugarsync, encrypt/decrypt files, remove EXIF data and much more. Whenever you add any file to the specified folder, it will immediately perform the specified action over the uploaded file. To begin, visit the website (link provided at the bottom of the post), select the Get Start button, and choose Connect Dropbox/Google Drive to connect your account with Wappwolf Automator.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-22_13-18-53

After you enter your account details, you will be asked to allow access to Wappwolf to connect with your account. Click Allow to authorize the connection.

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When connected, choose the folder in your Dropbox/Google Drive account, where you want to move those files on which specified actions are to be taken, and click Next.

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Then, select any action from the list of actions available. The Actions are divided in different categories, such as Documents, Audio, Infos, Pictures and Any File. For instance, you can choose to convert all the files, uploaded to the specified folder, into PDF format.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-22_13-34-04

When you add an automation, it will be shown when you open the folder in Wappwolf Automator’s interface. You can choose to Stop Automation, Delete Automation or Create a New Automation.

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You can also add more than one automation can be added for one folder. For instance, if you want to automatically convert files into PDF format and then send them to specific email address, then just select Create a New Automation and choose Email-It action from the list.

Mozilla Firefox_2012-05-22_13-28-02

The following video explains the configuration process for Dropbox storage account.

Wappwolf Automator is currently available for Dropbox and Google Drive. SkyDrive and Box support will be added soon.

Visit Wappwolf Automator

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