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Washer Helps Color Blind People View Monitor Screen In Grey Color

People with color blindness often find it hard to differentiate between different elements of applications and webpages that are in green or red color. Most applications, which are designed to reduce the color effects to address the inability of perceiving colors, cater to only specific type of color blindness. Thus, users have to manually adjust the color intensity settings in order to use such applications. Washer is a portable application that provides an overlying window to view certain parts of the monitor screen in grey color. This can help color blind users to easily read text, view images, webpages, applications, etc with having to fiddle around with color specific settings.

To view a part of the screen in grey, place the Washer window on top of a specific area. As you can see in the screenshot, the green and pink areas of the webpage are transformed into grey. You can drag the washer window around to view any part of the screen in grey color.


Washer has been designed to display screen elements in grey color.  It provides a generic solution for people suffering with color blindness, rather than having them to configure color display according to their inability. Washer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Washer


  1. I’m not entirely clear how this helps colorblind people. It takes away what little color information is there. It would make more sense to add extra color, depending on the type of colorblindness the user has. Perhaps use the method used by traffic lights in the United States: Add yellow to red and blue to green so that they can be distinguished by red-green colorblind people (the most common form of colorblindness.)

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