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Watch And Protect Your Shared Files In Windows From Intruders

Do you want to share some files with your friends or co-workers and at the same time protect those files from intruders? You never know who is accessing your shared folder, there is no tool inside Windows that can help you determine who exactly accessed your files.

NetShareMonitor is a small portable tool for Windows that lets you protect your shared files from unauthorized access. It runs silently in the system tray and logs all active sessions, accessed files, and shared resources.

netsharemonitor main screenshot

In the Active Sessions tab, you will find detailed information such as, remote host, user name, file count, start time, active time, and idle time. In the Accessed Files tab you will find information such as, file path, user name, lock count, and permissions. In Shared Resources the information will be listed as, share name, description, file path, and connections.

Once an intruder accesses your shared files from any remote location, the system tray icon will start blinking which means an active session is underway. You can then save the remote host information to check who is accessing your files.

You can also launch the application on startup and change other options by going to Settings.

NetShareMonitor settings

Recorded logs for both Sessions and Shared File Access can also be viewed in settings. It works on all versions of Windows. For more, check out a hack to increase shared folder browsing speed. Enjoy!

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