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Watch Channels With SecondRun.TV 2.0 Windows Media Center Plugin

Last year in February, Nakodari reviewed SecondRun.tv – a plugin for Windows Media Center to play videos from Hulu, ABC, and other networks directly. It seamlessly integrates with WMC, offering all the essentials to give a best video watching experience. Recently its author updated us with the release of latest version – 2.0. A quick look into new version divulged us a few brilliant improvements, most prominent being an intuitive Channel Builder that enables you to create new channels in SecondRun.tv, it is also possible now to download channels that other users have made open in channel repository.

All the major bugs encountered in version 1.0 beta have been addressed and properly debugged in this version. One most prominent glitch in version 1.0 beta was that users could only watch Hulu videos in full screen, videos from all other supported networks couldn’t be watched in full screen mode, all such  problems have been sorted out in this latest iteration.

Note: SecondRun.tv is now a paid plugin that costs $3.99. We are giving away 10 licenses to our readers. More information is provided at the bottom of the article.

The installer package comes with a separate Channel Builder, you have to run both setup files to install the plug-in and channel builder respectively.

The Channel Builder offers a nice navigation pane at the left side where you can view all the added channels while options to search through different channels are given in the main window. It lets you add, submit and delete channels anytime you want. First, you need to download or add the channels that you wish to watch in Windows Media Center, it offers a list of downloadable channels ranging from channels for Kids, News, Entertainment, Technology, and so on.

Once channels are downloaded, click Run Guide Processor, it will start processing all the content of specified channels. Furthermore, you can queue-up channels in different days lists (list for each day is available at the bottom to insert a channel), so you can watch your favorite T.V shows, movies, news bulletin, dramas, etc at scheduled intervals.

channel builder1

Once Channel Builder is set up, launch Windows Media Center. You will find SecontRun.tv option beneath Extras in Windows Media Center. Click it to list down all the videos from selected video-sharing websites and networks, and start watching your favorite T.V shows, movies, etc.

Windows Media center1

The developer has worked very carefully to deploy the pre-defined list of channels, adding new channels and configuring them is hard and a bit dragging, since it doesn’t integrate channels’ live feeds directly and a permission is also required to run Guide Processor for the newly added channel. On the product page, you’ll find a detailed video, showing a generic overview of configuring the plug-in through Channel Builder. The application works fine without showing any problems on our Windows 7 x86 system.

Download SecondRun.Tv


The giveaway will last for 24 hours. To win a license, you need to follow us at @addtips or join our Facebook Page, then tweet about this giveaway (or post it on your Facebook wall), and finally leave a comment with the link of your tweet or wall post. We will pick out 10 lucky winners!

Update: The giveaway is closed, all winners will be notified and receive the license via email.


  1. Count me in I was going to donate 10.00 anyway 🙂 but everybody likes to feel as if they’ve won something.

    To All Users:

    As a former IT Administrator, I can appreciate the huge undertaking and deep devotion involved in making this this project, this dream, a reality. I am, in fact, embarrassed to be pledging a meagher 10 dollars.

    I have left my job; to care, full time, for my mentally challenged Sister: Jan, who would have certainly been institutionalized if I hadn’t retired, to care for her. She now lives with me and I have learned, over time, she requires the constant din of TV noise to sleep through the night. Without this program I’d never have been able to cut the cable cord which was eating into our joint disability and my retirement checks. It looks as if I will be able to do that now that I have an alternative to constantly streaming TV channels.

    Once the bills and budget settles into place, you can expect an annual donation or two, annually. Thank the Developer, for your time, tenacity and ultimate success in bringing your brain-child to life. I cannot begin to comprehend how rewarding it must be to have accomplished this, so called, Plug-in, it’s a demeaning term, considering the programming that went into getting here. Not many, of us, in these times of instant everything understand or appreciate the efforts and dedication, over and above the financial investment.

    Between near successes and undoubted failures, the trials and tribulations you must endure must, at times, be unnerving. While the joy, at watching the download numbers, accumulate is rewarding, unto itself, giving it away is not going to keep the servers, electricity, maintenance, parts, time and related bills paid

    You should know there is one, very impressed, very satisfied and much appreciated member who knows how much more than ‘just another download’ this is; enjoy the ride, I only see it going up from here.

    My Most Sincere Congratulations and Thanks~


    PS. Even a dollar or two, once or twice a year, from each member, helps. Especially if you think of what you’re getting out of your initial 3 or 4 dollar purchase. As of today my cable bill is 177.90/month at the moment; this program will reduce that to 66.00. Even 10 or 20 bucks a year is more than worth the price of what this program offers.

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