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Watch Hulu On Windows Media Center

When Hulu first launched, everyone was calling it a revolution in Internet TV. But visiting their website, browsing through their list of shows, and finally playing it just got a little boring. This is where SecondRun.tv comes in. It is a plugin for Windows Media Center that lets you play videos from Hulu, ABC and other networks directly without having to visit their websites. You can select the shows and navigate through them using Windows Media Center remote control.

windows media center

Since the plugin is in beta stage of development, there are a few bugs that needs to be sorted out. According to the developer, only shows from Hulu will open in full screen while other’s wont. But in my case, some shows  from Hulu didn’t open in full screen either. You can only Play/Pause the shows using the remote control, other options such as Forward/Reverse have not been implemented yet. To return back, you will have to press Return button.

hulu on wmc

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can select the Episode you want to watch and their preview is shown as well. It’s not stable release yet but if you watch online TV a lot, it’s worth giving a try. Enjoy!


  1. This is a nice idea but the software is far from ready for prime time. The installer is in pieces and confusing, the ‘channel downloader’ is clumsy to use and worst, the software didn’t even work for me. The tech support / programmer guy I emailed tried to be helpful but freely admitted that the software was very much a work in progress. In my estimation it’s a little early to be charging even a small fee upfront for software that doesn’t even work properly yet.

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