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Webbo Web Editor Brings Code Assist Code Completion, Server Preview, And More

Webbo offers a simple and elegant IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for both web developers and web publishers to develop and maintain websites. It is an opensource, lightweight application offering a great deal of features to organize code snippets and comes with Dreamweaver like editing capabilities with a very useful code hint option to provide users with range of coding options. Not does it only support a wide range of programming languages with syntax highlighting, it also allows user to view/inspect web pages with server-side technology support while offering seamless link with IIS (Internet Information Services). Adding more, it offers code templates to let users quickly integrate off-the-shelf components and start off with their project without writing the basic code structure.

The multi-tabbed interface is carefully designed to provide best code editing environment. Webbo also includes an output console to compile and see results in real time. The main screen is divided into two panes, one at the left side is file explorer while right-side holds main editing area. If you need to see output in real-time, the Output console can be brought up at the bottom of the window from View menu.

It offers preview mode for Internet Explorer only, however you can copy the address in other browsers to check the cross-browser compatibility. Just like in Dreamweaver, the code hints can be shown by using the very same hotkey combination –  Ctrl + Space. Comparably, its code hints box offers way less assistance, supporting only XHTML, CSS, ASP.NET and C# (server-side code).

webbo - 3

The editor also offers collapsible/expendables which can be used to shorten the length of code to set your focus on only one part of the page. All the code templates can be seen from File menu, you can pick out one according to your requirements to quickly start coding.

tem -3

The provided Code snippets are present in Edit menu, the code snippets come helpful in situations when you want to bring-in sample code structure of selected programming language. Furthermore, code snippets manager lets you add new frequently used code structure and edit/delete existing code samples.

doctype -2

The preview mode button can be seen in the toolbar, when you want to view the web page, click Preview button to check the page in Internet Explorer. Preview mode settings along web server view related settings can be changed from Application Options.


Overall, the application offers a perfect IDE for web developers to develop web sites. Since it offers prominent features of widely used web development applications, you can try it out for your next development project. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7 while testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Webbo


  1. Server preview offers Internet Explorer by default because all Windows users are likely to have a version installed. Other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) can be added by right-clicking the browser list in the options page shown here. Once added the browser can be selected from the drop down list in the toolbar.

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